Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Birthday Wish List! :D

Well, Birthday's around corner and as par tradition, I've made my wish list! :)

1. To be with the freaks, whom I miss more than anything ever :(

2. A new camera , since I recently lost mine ><

3.A d
ress. Something simple, and pretty.

5. A wall post on facebook :P

6. A call, at the strike of twelve!


8. A handmade card. They are always special!

9.THIS <3 O_O >>>

10. A Cake.

Well, I guess that's pretty much it, for now. And last year, it was one really, really HAPPY birthday. Here's a pic :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Easy Inspiration!

Okay, firstly, a warning. This might sounds EXTREMELY weird!

Well, you've prolly seen loads inspiring stuff. Heard loads of inspiring music. Read inspirational stories and met such people too. Probably.

But has one of these lil things ever changed the way you look at life? Changed your mood, effected your relationships with people, and sometimes even your goals for life?? Well, for me, it has happened more than a few times now.

Its weird, but then again, maybe it's a good thing too, y'know. I could be totally depressed one minute, and then a good old teen movie, and voila! Back in high spirits again! :P

Life at the moment, is quiet and peaceful. Something which my life has never been and something I can't tolerate for long.

And look at these Jimmy Choo Boots.. (totally in love).. <3

Friday, August 12, 2011

..For The Wet Blankets!!

I just showed some beautiful pictures to a friend and all she could do was, to my disappointment, point out every single negative thing about them! This reminded me of similar incidents that has happened sometime back. The other day, I saw a TV show about fashion designing and the guy up there had done wonders with various materials. He has done an amazing job and I showed it to the person I met first. Then comes some snickering and the snide remark about how the guy looked unbelievably gay!
At school, we did a fair and it was quite successful. Some people didn't like the prices, some people didn't like the stage items, some managed to find the security ridiculous.
I tried to do some presenting because for me, it was fun and I loved it. Oh no, people found it 'wayyyyyyy uncool'.
SERIOUSLY! What's wrong with people?
I mean, of course it aint necessary that you LIKE all the stuff. There are things i hate too, AND I'm not the 'always happy and positive and sunshine' kinda person either. But there are SOME people who make me think that they have absolutely NOTHING good to talk about. No, its always a complain, a snide remark, or worse, some backbiting. Why make worse outta a bad situation? Sigh.
..Then again, I guess this comes as one of the many things I might never understand about our society.

So... What's new with me?
  • I'm in Addu for sometime and I'm bored.
  • I have started ignoring my phone. It's been three days since I last used it. Yeah, that's right, three days!
  • I haven't done any shopping in a long time and I miss it. In fact, I'd go crazy if I have to go on like this for another week.
  • It's Ramazan, the fasting time.
  • I've been working on my birthday wish list, which looks outrageous this year :P (will be back with it later!)
And in the mean time.. see this adorable cake the Freaks made for me at my farewell? Isn't it the cutest thing on earth? :P For me, it SURE IS, the sweetest cake I've ever had :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

.. Sad Goodbyes!

Three days after graduation, On July 1st 2011, we were supposed to have our graduation party. We all worked HARD for it. There was so much to and so little time. Dance practices to attend, shopping to finish and through it all, enjoying was never amiss! :)

The day started really tough for me, with the news that Raif, my only sibling was really really sick. He was back in addu and I spent the noon worrying over it. However, as there was nothing much I could do about it and sitting at home was driving me nuts, I went to school. Things were hectic there. We practiced till it was evening and I left to do some urgent shopping with sam and haisham, in a hurry. We had to get so much stuff and time was running fast!

We bought shirts and trousers for sam and haisham, and then these gorgeous heels for me. We also managed to get earrings and it was fun.... UNTILL, I saw my dress which we got at the last minute. It was a complete disaster and absolutely NOTHING like the designs I gave. The shops were already closed by then and I sat at home, overwhelmed with it all and crying because I had fretted so much over my dress and it looked ugly.

Rish and I were supposed to dress in our costumes and leave to school in less than one hour. I called her and told her about my emergency.. Rish was a sweetheart and she said we'd fix it together somehow, and at her place, her sisters somehow managed to make it look a lil presentable. Rish always knows what to do! I love her.

Anyway, me and rish arrived at school almost in time for our dance and then came another disaster. There we were on the stage, with NO MUSIC. And we had to leave. By then, I was at my breaking point. It embarrassed me to no end and I was so very heartbroken .. until this young hero from the youngest batch at school, who claimed to be 'MALIK JAMAL' saved the day! :)

All of the girls in Freaks XD decided to put together an Arabic dance for the evening, and it turned out wonderfully. Yeah, those were my ladies!! :)

After the dance, I was tired and happy that we actually did it.. with so less time and even less practice. What I wasnt expecting was.. any more unpleasant surprise. But no, then cam the worst news I ever got that day O_O

Mom called me to inform that Raif was very, very sick and I broke down that very moment. To this day, I remember the way how those very loved people came there and stayed with me through it. Rish was crying as much as me! I was about to leave, but then again decided that I'd go mad at home. So, I slowly dressed
up and forced myself to stay there.
Later, pretty much everywhere I went, there were tears and people who didn't want to leave.It was one hell of a night and once again, Me, Mawaf, Mua and this time Rish were the last people to leave the school.

This was another day which I'd never forget!

Here's me, in the ruined dress which rish fixed for me :P

Bye Bye High School..!

I started A Levels in CHSE, but later our batch at CHSE was privatized to Villa International High School. Me and my friends ended up being grumpy about the whole thing, because we did NOT want to leave CHSE. However, it was just a matter of time before everyone started enjoying school more than anything else.

So many beautiful times have been spent there and I'd never forget them. Together, we have done so much and bonded so well. So much that when it was time for graduation.. well, nobody wanted to be graduated!

The graduation ceremony was held on 27th June 2011. Me and some close friends went together, and we all were feeling pretty nervous, god knows why :P

Here's me with Shazu, one of the freaks. I spent most of my time with her at school (we were classmates)... and well, after school too. She's an amazing person.

..and are all of the freaks who studied at our school, except Rish coz she was not in Male' at the time..
I went home with Mua, Nawaf and Shaffu. I totally managed to embarrass myself by bursting into tears halfway through, (yeah!). The four of us left the last, feeling pretty emotional and everyone caught in their own thoughts..

High School was everything it was cracked up to be, and more! :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Look Who's Back...!!

I'm BACK, after ONE YEAR! Even if I say 'long,time eh?' that just wouldn't do..

So.. What was I up to, during the past one year?

Well, its was yet, the best year of my life. I grew up in many ways, met so much people I adore, finished high school and fell in love. Yep, pretty much, a HECTIC year.

I have so much to share, so much new people who mean the world to me now.. And a lot has happened in life.

These days, I've got so much free time in my hands and I wanted to start on with my blog again, this time much more regular. To make up, I promise to give my blog a makeover which it badly needs, post LOADS of pictures about me, my life and the beautiful moments I've spent the past year.

For starters, here's a pic of me with the freaks, some of the most loved people in my life. I'll upload more details and pics laaater! One guy (cyah) is missing but then again, he always is! I cherish you all, so very much. You guys have made my life beautiful!

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