Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bye-Ze-Bloody-Bye, Addu!

Ever had your neck stuck?
yeah, i DO mean stuck =|
if you're wondering, its horrible! worse than it sounds. my neck has been stuck ,
for a week now. iIn the strangest ever possible angle. And it sucks big time, cos people tend to stare.. 'ohh yeah.. there is the weirdo, and why is she looking like a forty year old wax statue?'
Shoot people

And my current mood? confused
Because I'm about to move, and now I'm not much sure of my decision.
Yeah, CHSE would be better than the school here.
But the thing is..
all my friends are here
my mom is here
and it is 'peaceful'
so I'm in this dilemma, but I guess its too late to change plans anyway!

And school starts on june 14th.
Am I nervous?
haha! Me? nervous?

YES way :|
Im nervous about moving, starting a new school, and most of all..
new friends.
But I guess this is for the better, and it'll grow up on me! Im kinda excited too, you know.. Lets hope that this was the right decision anyway :|

Well, thats it for now..
see yuh peeps!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

'eau-de-awesome'.. right in the eye! owww, it hurts huh?

Hola, people! This time I'm here with a letter, for some very special people. This is in response to the amuuuuusing hate mails, spamming my inbox after I wrote my 'ex-ex-post', on sms lingo. Oh yes, the lovebirds on fb actually wrote me hate mails. but the hilarious part is.. they called my parents...!!! Sheesh, now things get outta hand. uh oh.. and yeah.. they blocked me on fb tooo.. Good riddance of extremely bad, rotting rubbish I'd say!! Anyway, here I go..

Hellowww loabiputtiexx,
I'm awwwwesome, as usual, and yeah, just recovering from the after-effects of your hate mails. I hope you have the worst stomach bug ever, along with a bad case of diarrhoea. Amen!

"It was none of your business, what ever comments I gave were on my
profile, to my profile picture"

In response to this, I'll have to say, it surely aint my effin business, but I tend to poke my nose into whatever I feel like. AND since your comments bugged me, I wrote about it. I dont regret writing it either, but i realy DO regret not posting your names, e-mails IDs and the fb link, in respect to your privacy!

Well' I knew you were always big in the comedy area, but you calling my PARENTS about a post in my effin blog o_O, now thats carrying humour to its highiest extent! It was a good laugh, which just made my bo-ooo-ooring holidays, colourful.. Thankyou, I hail you!

And I'd now like to inform you that this is the 21st century, and parents no longer care about their annoying teenage daughter's creepy blog. Atleast, my folks dont give a damn, whicxh is as cool as it gets! Annnnd I'm gleefully adding insult to injury, my mom thinks you've gone soft in the head! (Go MJ! I Love you)

And now, I shall laugh, and watch your faces screw up in hatred. :D Keep the mails cmong, they make my noons worthwhile.

I have officialy addded you to the list of the few people I hate. And YES, that does make your life dificult, trust me on this!

Thats it for now,

Bi bi, tgcxx, I salute your face with rotten eggs.

P.S> I wont remove the post, you can shoot my roof.

PPS> You may stop clapping for me now, as it disturbs my delicate ears :D

Saturday, May 9, 2009

To sufa :)

heyyyy friends (: I've beeeeeen up and about, with nothing much to do.. Hope you people are rocking on, as usual!

I've been writing those poems, and a friend asked me.. 'what would you write if you ever write about me?' And since shes a great friend, i just wrote out a lil something for her... Sheesh! I know how annoying i can be.. Through it all, she has been the sweetest ever! o_O So along with all the worries in the world for all I've been, this goes to Sufany Nizar =D (I know its I!! whatever!)

BesTesT FriEnd!

At times of deep sorrow,
Courage from you-I borrow
If ever, I have a smile to spare,
With you easily I share.
Yes , You are so far, the best of friends.

When I selfishly cry, anywhere-

Its your shoulder, always there.

Having seen me at my best and worst,

Its you, who stood by me at any cost.

And just that, makes you the very best of friends..

Ever so calm, ever so sweet, and always the best,

Thankyou for smiling when you should've cursed.

A sister, a friend, a mentor- all in one,

Thankyou for all you've been, all you've done..

For you shall always be the bestest friend ever!

P.S-Well well, call it gay, sweet corny, anything..! as if I care.. there it is, and here I am.. =P see you people sometime laaaater! *whistles awayyyy*
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