Saturday, January 3, 2009

ReSoluTionS fOr ThE nEw YeaR...

Hello guyess.. guess I've been away for a looooonng lonnng time.. But all the same.. Im back on track. I tried being a good girl and thinking of some good resolutions for the new year.. but I came up with goofy ones. But why not share them here huh.. here we go...


1. Loosen up my temper.. with friends, family, everyone.
2. Try and stop bugging people unnecessarily at extremely bad times!
3. Complete an army of soft toys
4. Get better at the guitar
5. STOP eating chocolate...(okay.. maybe not.. thats too strict anyway.. lessen the amount i chug down then)
6.Be a better daughter for mommy.. she was thinking of disinheriting me the other day you know...
7.Lessen the trips to MLT (the shop near my home)
8.Stop fighting with my brother..( STRICTLY EXCEPTIONAL IF HE STEALS ANYTHING)
9.Try sleeping at night.. and not in the morning+afternoon+evening
10. LEARN TO COOK!! oh man... why do girls have to do it anyway? (i think its unfair)
11. Stop telling people that they are stupid.. coz im no smarty pants myself
12. Eat an orange, every night before bed
13.drink more water
14.Try not messing things up..
15. Be less clumsy.. :| oh man.. I can go on and on... I guess I better stop for now.. Adios amigos (:

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