Wednesday, August 26, 2009

20 random facts

I now.. long time no post.. Im being a lazy blogger :p I've been up and around.. just had my birthday, which was.. normal for a birthday! Gonna post about it soon I guess.. I was tagged by shaha. thanks for the tag baibe, you're great. So.. here goes! :D

1. I hate the color pink!!

2. I collect all weird stuff- as in stones.. (yeah)

3. I wish I had more control over my temper

4. I hate sms lingo

5. I could be paranoid, often.

6. I call my mom MJ, and my grandma is about disinherit me..

7. I wear loads of black

8. giggly people annoy me :|

9. I am obsessed with shoes, though I keep walking around in one..

10. umm.. I secretly think about stupid things.. like the sea at night and stars and.. (yes i might be NUTS.) pah

11. I love the rain

12. When I am among people who makes me feel timid, I laugh a lot, and act so-not-me.

13. I believe that I'm a brain, and that you all are brains and that we dont exist materialistically.. yes :|

14. I love Ralph Lauren

15. 2008 was the best year I ever had.. it was awesome (:

16. I love music

17. And I used to sing too..

18. Im obsessed with gel, crystal, ot transparent things.. All my cosmetics are gel too.. even the toothpaste :/

19. I have a lot of friends.. meaning a LOT.. and most of them close.. but I prefer to stay alone often..

20. little little things make me happy.. like a call from MJ.. seeing a friend.. going to school.. o_O

Oookay... over with it! I tag belle, skarlit and risa!

PS. The pic has nothing to do with this post and I have no idea as to why I uploaded it
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