Friday, September 30, 2011

Life Turns Around..

Don't even ask me, even I don't know where that ^ came from :P

Sooo.. How have I been? Good, I guess. But really bored, though..

Anyway, my life is about to face "HUGE" changes, whether good or bad, I'm not sure. I am about to move to Colombo next month, and start college their. I am doing a degree in Mass Communication and I have my fingers crossed that I wouldn't regret it.

I am also going to be staying on my own, with some people I have never met. These horrible thoughts keep crossing my mind about it.. I mean, what if they hate me? What if they hate the fact that I can't still cook that well? :/

I have been there several times before, but it has always been for one week vacations with my lil family. I guess I'm in for the long ride this time.

I'm still in Addu, dad won't send me back till its time to move and I think he's being way unreasonable, of course. At first I hated being away from my friends, but now I think I've kinda started seeing another side to it too. Of course I miss my friends and I'm very bored, but all this time to myself has given me a lot of brain work, and I have come to terms with some of the awful things that has been happening to me recently. Still, I can't wait to go back!

What else is new.. Raif, my only sibling (13yrs), is sick. We stayed at the hospital with him last night, and all the time I kept thinking about how much I love him even though I fight with him all the time. He's back at home now, and doing better. Here's the lil guy in the hospital .. Get well soon, brother bear, dhontha loves you.
And I totally forgot about something. A pic of my favorite birthday gift! It's this classy 818 Women Gift Set with a sterling silver necklace, from my grandfather. Usually, my favorite would have been something a lot simpler, but this one is really really special for me. Why? Because it's from my grandpa and it means a lot to me, especially because he bought it in pink and he has such great taste. Here's a pic :)

Well.. that's about it, me and my funny little life. I'll be back LATER! :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

If Only..

If only I had one
A friend, a trustee,
One to call my very own sister..

I would have brushed her hair oh so fine..
I would have helped her with clothes and shopping
And we'd have brought down the mall together

I would have held her when she cried,
Told her to be stronger
And then when she does stop, we would have kicked the person who made her cry

I would have painted her nails pink
Given her such lovely makeovers,
Of course we'd fight but we'd always get through with smiles

If only I had my very own sister,
Someone I can turn to no matter what,
I'd have loved her so very much

PS. That aint my sister in the pic, but someone who is just like one :)
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