Wednesday, September 28, 2011

If Only..

If only I had one
A friend, a trustee,
One to call my very own sister..

I would have brushed her hair oh so fine..
I would have helped her with clothes and shopping
And we'd have brought down the mall together

I would have held her when she cried,
Told her to be stronger
And then when she does stop, we would have kicked the person who made her cry

I would have painted her nails pink
Given her such lovely makeovers,
Of course we'd fight but we'd always get through with smiles

If only I had my very own sister,
Someone I can turn to no matter what,
I'd have loved her so very much

PS. That aint my sister in the pic, but someone who is just like one :)


Thinker said...

so it seems like you already have a sister...hehe

Shaayan said...

true.. :) you really CAN think :P

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