Sunday, May 30, 2010

Among The Many Things I Never had The Heart To Say...

Dear Grandpa,
I remember how I used to fear
you as a child, thought of you as annoying during teenage
and found you intimidating all along. However, as I slowly reach something close to maturity , I cant tell you how much I admire you.

As I face the new ordeals life offer me,
I find myself thinking about how you dealt with a thousand more.
Moreover, I cant help but stand in awe of the respect you have from people, even at this age.

I can't believe how you are one of the best photographers I have ever met.
Or how you are one excellent carpenter... Or poet.. Or all those other millions of things you do, and excel at.
You are one admirable person and even though there might be no lost love between us,
dear grandpa,
I respect you and cherish you for all you are :)
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