Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The weird post..!

"Mama, can I reach the stars?"
"No honey, you can't reach them.. They are far too high for you"

"But mama, will it be a happy place?"
"Oh yes my sweet little girl. Its gonna be a very, very happy place"

"Okay.. I wanna reach the stars. I wanna be happy"
"How many time did mama tell you, you CANT reach them!"

"I'll try. your girl would reach for the stars mama... you might find me back with the moon. It would be a very very happy time"

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


A girl, with the inane rules so unfair,
Yet, she threw all her caution to the air..
Accepted a first wave, winking..
Brought in a first rose, thinking
Oh my god, is this love?

He spoke to her, words of love so comforting
Happy, so happy was a girl to finally meet her "prince charming"
Yes, she had eyes only for one..
Trusting, adoring, finally believing in "the one"
Is it really love?

Suddenly, the world became a happier place.
Oh, how laughter brightened a dullest face.
She soared high, high above the clouds
Nobody could mar the face held high, so proud
So is THIS what they called love?

Together, they hoped, wished, dreamed
Not for a moment were they sad,
Yes happy, so happy was this one girl
to have found beauty in a unique pearl
Yes, love-it seems- exists after all

The sense of triumph never lasts long,
Yes, the storms threatened happiness, so strong
Simple, sweet moments she always longed for,
Oh why, they just never came anymore
Yet, wasn't it still love?

She struggled, to pull the strings together
To keep the beautiful dream forever,
Yes. so hard did she fight,
No, nobody could steal the merry light
And not for a moment, would she still doubt- THIS IS LOVE!

But it took just one night
As love staged a walk out- it was only a fight
Yet, there fell apart a world.
Beautiful, bright; indeed, a lovely world
Dear God, where was the love?

So harsh, came a wounded cry,
No sun could ever let her tears dry.
The memories were sharper than a knife
Haunted, haunted shall she be all her life
Oh people, how cruel is love?
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