Monday, April 20, 2009

'Smthngxxxxx' I dont get...!

these are comments to a picture on facebook!! Read them :p

WHATSHERNAME at 9:22am November 26, 2008

lowwwwwbi pic ehhh! you look sooo hot! ummmwahhxxxxx hny

WHATSHERNAME at 3:06pm December 6, 2008

u lukn so kiuttttt lobiputyy!

WHATSHISNAME at 12:00am December 11, 2008

thnkx lobzzzz. Lv u sw muchxxxxx

AAAARRRRGH! I swear I didnt make this up.. just edited the names, for their privacy.. and they're gonna read this and kill me, but I'll write what I want anyway.. *shrugs* Annnnnd... WHAT THE HELL IS "lobiputyy"? o_O

I DONT get this SMS lingo.. I mean like, if we are using phone, or in a hurry,yeah pretty understandable to say "ur msg" than "your message". But what i totally dont get is, when people say "kiuuuttttt" insteada cute, "babi" inteada baby :

And then.. "love you so muchxxxxx" ? Oh man! what does the buncha Xes do? :p A very close friend of mine, would say, every single time he leaves, "tgcxx". And I asked him about it. Seems as if he had reasons.. I guess most people do. But its just one of those silly lil things which bug me lol. Though I'd share this tooo.

And I know, I know.. "what the hell is wrong with her? why does she care?" Lol, it aint my business, sure, but thats how i am, you dont like it? your bad then, cos i dont give a dang! :p

"sw cu tc bibi guyxxxx." hehe

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Deja Vu!! o.O

It was like three four days ago. I was lazing around

when mama came in and started talking about some shoes she saw.

And then I felt it...

I felt as if the moment was repeating itself.

Hold on, dont shun me :p I'll explain. It was like,

I felt as if it has happened before. As if I have lived that moment before.

Arrrgh! Its frustrating if you STILLL think Im talking in my sleep!

SO guys who understand me can move on with the post. Others, ban bang, shoot you, I dont care! :p

So all the psychology wannabes, nerds PLUS the smarty pants! You might have heard of this, or you might already know it well, but I dont give a damnnnn cos its interesting to me! :p

Anyway, what I felt before, the moment repeating thingy, its pretty normal. DejaVu! I googled and it shows that a lotta people go through it, thus, proving that Im not nuts. >.<

Well, now that Im not freaked out by it anymore, it aint happening again! Pah... so much for the research.

So all in all, its pretty cool and I just felt like sharing it =) Now Im gonna eat this big chocolate cake with nuga cream, hazelnut topping, and.. uh oh! Adios. o.O

PS. I recently found out the meaning of my name. Wheeeeee! Mama says it means ceremony.. you know celebrating kinda thingy. So here I go, celebrating :p

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The rainy post..! :p

Tip, tip, tip... yeah! Just listen to the sound of the rain one day.. Its gonna be so relaxing.. At least, for me it is! I've always said, rain represents freedom.. its always makes me think about being free, independent. You know, as in, the rain drop are caught in the clouds for soooo many days, and they finally get free! Ahh, Im talking crazy now.. that happens most of the time.

Anyway, its the rainy season , and i plan to enjoy everyyyyyy second of it. Mama doesnt seem to like it, but still. There are still two months for school to start, and Im like sooo fed up of the hols. Never imagined that was possible! The stupid computer carried himself off to male', so im stuck in this red land with no connection.

Strangely, I have this strooong urge to study reaaaally hard for the next two years, but doesnt it always fade away when you start school? For me, it always goes that way, no matter how determined I am. Im just hoping it will change this time..

So all in all, Im just lazing around with nothing to do except counting furniture. Pah! Catch ya around.. until then, tc(:
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