Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The rainy post..! :p

Tip, tip, tip... yeah! Just listen to the sound of the rain one day.. Its gonna be so relaxing.. At least, for me it is! I've always said, rain represents freedom.. its always makes me think about being free, independent. You know, as in, the rain drop are caught in the clouds for soooo many days, and they finally get free! Ahh, Im talking crazy now.. that happens most of the time.

Anyway, its the rainy season , and i plan to enjoy everyyyyyy second of it. Mama doesnt seem to like it, but still. There are still two months for school to start, and Im like sooo fed up of the hols. Never imagined that was possible! The stupid computer carried himself off to male', so im stuck in this red land with no connection.

Strangely, I have this strooong urge to study reaaaally hard for the next two years, but doesnt it always fade away when you start school? For me, it always goes that way, no matter how determined I am. Im just hoping it will change this time..

So all in all, Im just lazing around with nothing to do except counting furniture. Pah! Catch ya around.. until then, tc(:


MeMo said...

I like rain, playing in rain and do those sout of carxy things.

The Shadowrunner said...

Get a raincoat, an ipod/phone with headphones. Wrap up and march into the rain.

It's fun.

PS: Good luck with your school year!.

Shaayan said...

exactly what im doing :p thankyou (:

Isra said...

nice..i like the rain too!

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