Saturday, April 18, 2009

Deja Vu!! o.O

It was like three four days ago. I was lazing around

when mama came in and started talking about some shoes she saw.

And then I felt it...

I felt as if the moment was repeating itself.

Hold on, dont shun me :p I'll explain. It was like,

I felt as if it has happened before. As if I have lived that moment before.

Arrrgh! Its frustrating if you STILLL think Im talking in my sleep!

SO guys who understand me can move on with the post. Others, ban bang, shoot you, I dont care! :p

So all the psychology wannabes, nerds PLUS the smarty pants! You might have heard of this, or you might already know it well, but I dont give a damnnnn cos its interesting to me! :p

Anyway, what I felt before, the moment repeating thingy, its pretty normal. DejaVu! I googled and it shows that a lotta people go through it, thus, proving that Im not nuts. >.<

Well, now that Im not freaked out by it anymore, it aint happening again! Pah... so much for the research.

So all in all, its pretty cool and I just felt like sharing it =) Now Im gonna eat this big chocolate cake with nuga cream, hazelnut topping, and.. uh oh! Adios. o.O

PS. I recently found out the meaning of my name. Wheeeeee! Mama says it means ceremony.. you know celebrating kinda thingy. So here I go, celebrating :p


ALY said...

Nice poem shayanthaa.

kaiza shozey said...

dejavu dho. yea, happens alot. but i do believe that its possible to see that happen in one's dreams before it really having a glimpse into the future kind of thing. the problem is we see jes useless stuff.hehe

Shaayan said...

thanks mate (:

@kaiza shozey
Yep, so do I, since it happened the way i breath lol. =)

Belle said... happens to me as well..It's so strange :)..Btw nice post sis

Shaayan said...

thanks mary =) mwah

Shaha said...

So do i feel that way, and when i say that to people, they go on like, you're watching way too many films and reading stupid stories, but i swear.. It happens to me, a lot.. And yes, We r not nuts.. =)

®Uk§ said...

Well it happen to me a load. Some time i feel like am repeating my life..hehe..
When i shared it to friend she said it may be course you have imagined it or may be planed it or thought abt it before it happens... i dont believe that cos very funny and koosani things happen, like repeating thing.

Well i knw its not only me. *_*
I think i have to search for this (wat it mean?) 2,

Shaayan said...

ehehe. shun people. its a fact. long time no see girl, thanks for the visit =)

@ ruks
okay, goodluck with the reasearch work :D

Shan said...

dejavu yup i seen that.. reminded me of the film dejavu :D:D

Shaayan said...

okay shan (: yeah cool movie

moyameehaa said...

i think its just a feeling we have, nothing real and definitely not a glitch in the matrix due to some change in it.

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