Friday, June 26, 2009

Happppy Birthday, itthuu! <3

heyyyyy there people! I know I'm kinda 'le absentia' right now. Its cos i just moved, and havent got round to getting the connection yet. However, Im hoping I'll get it soon enough. *fingers crossed*

SO, school has started and its okay I guess. I got a lotta friends and its good. Not to mention a hell lotta busy. Nerd mission number one, on the way!

I made a united resolution with a cousin, to do something on everybodys birthday this year. everybody as in people who matter. err.. people who are goood enough, you know :P June 28th is my cousin Isra's Birthday and I want her to know that she is okay for an annoying teen cousin, and that im thankful cos it could have been worse. A lot worse.
As a very generous birthday gesture, I hereby :

1. Forgive you for stealing my song collection, providing you dont repeat it ever.
2. Forgive you for being the most annoying creature I've ever met (validate till 30th June 2009)
3. forgive you for waking me up, every other day
4.promise to miss you for one mminute everyday
5.give you a place from my will
6.promise to love you sometimes, when you're not being the biggest pain i ever had.

Happy Birthday Itchhu! *hugs*
(Disha also wishes you from the bottom of her heart. Dont get your hopes high. I think it might be the result of you calling her to remind your birthday, since the start of June! :D )

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