Wednesday, November 5, 2008


well today.. is a strange day. It started with a hundred lectures at my bro. Followed by a stupid maths exams.. I guess you can imagine HOW strange it would be.. The maths paper ruined my mood.. like totally!! :/
And... that ain't the big news... today I cleaned my room :O (<<now that's what you call strange.. people!!)
I mean.. even condoleezza rice can't do it everyday..(or maybe not:|) By the way.. m planning to fly to Male'.. most probably one the eighteenth or nineteenth. I'm looking forward to the trip :D
I'm still pretty busy with the nerdy work B=)... So the tight schedule ain't leaving time for a new poem .. or anything else as a matter of fact :@ But I'll bring it on... just waiting for the damned seventeenth ;) So cya all.. hasta luego.. \m/

Monday, November 3, 2008

studies studies and more studies :| :|

Arrrrrrrrrrgh.. My O levels are driving me nuts!!! november seventeenth.. where arrre youuu?? :S welll m not updating much at the moment coz its "exam time" for poor me... so hope to see you guys around.. with something new :D adios

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