Wednesday, October 5, 2011

One Fairytale Dream

One of these days I'd have my own family
People whom I'd hold close, oh so dearly
I have so much love in my heart, to give
To those special people for whom one day, I'll live

The man I so long ago dreamed to meet

A husband ever so strong, ever so handsome, ever so sweet
I'd be his sunshine, in every way I can
And one in a million, would be my man

A daughter,sugar and spice and all things nice

As pretty as a doll, but nonetheless wise
Daddy's lil princess, so true
And a mommy's girl through and though

And then, a lil boy to call my own

A son, with a gazillion toys would he be strown

Naughty , fun, spoiled lil boy he would be so,
But of course, only to grow into a loving son forevermore

This would one day be my world

One lil family to cherish, to love and to hold
So perfect a world, one love-filled stream

Dear god, may this one day be more than a mere teenager's dream
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