Wednesday, October 5, 2011

One Fairytale Dream

One of these days I'd have my own family
People whom I'd hold close, oh so dearly
I have so much love in my heart, to give
To those special people for whom one day, I'll live

The man I so long ago dreamed to meet

A husband ever so strong, ever so handsome, ever so sweet
I'd be his sunshine, in every way I can
And one in a million, would be my man

A daughter,sugar and spice and all things nice

As pretty as a doll, but nonetheless wise
Daddy's lil princess, so true
And a mommy's girl through and though

And then, a lil boy to call my own

A son, with a gazillion toys would he be strown

Naughty , fun, spoiled lil boy he would be so,
But of course, only to grow into a loving son forevermore

This would one day be my world

One lil family to cherish, to love and to hold
So perfect a world, one love-filled stream

Dear god, may this one day be more than a mere teenager's dream


Anonymous said...

may your wish come true sweetheart.. and I'm sure.. oneday.. soon enough this would be the reality you live in.. just have faith :) <3

shaxu said...

wat a lovely dream honey...may all ur wishes come true..<3..^_^

Shaayan said...

thanks shazuuuuuu, and sufa, if thats you :P <3 <3

Cheeky Sylph said...

i came across this and was touched by the sweetness of the dream, as well the maturity behind the thought.

May your dreams come true, and may you be blessed with your own little happy family :)

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