Friday, January 6, 2012

Changes, changes all over..!


I feel guilty, for not updating much lately.

But I do I have a good excuse- life has been BUSY. Happening.

Remember how I rambled about moving to Lanka? well, THAT's where I am right now.

However, first things first. What have I been up to?

I worked in the SAARC summit in addu, and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I met some nice people, made new friends and learnt much. I was hell busy, since with the help of our supervisor from the president's office, Mr.Shuaib and my partner sharyf, I had to manage 50 students from local protocol, plus around 24 girls from foreign too. It was a tough, challenging and very enlightening experience. Moreover, I think Shuaib had been one inspirational leader to all of us, never stopping at anything and giving both of us much needed advice and guidance. i would always be thankful to him and his wife sophy, with whom I made good friends.

After a rather successful event, I left for the Youth Leadership Program. 40 students from almost all the atolls, 3 weeks in Bandos Island Resort and another learning experience. This time, one that would change my life for the better. Few memorable highlights and lessons from YLP stuck in my memory would be..

  • The way my roommates helped me through everything. I remember how Riyasha neatly made stitches on my traditional dress with a needle and thread, even though she barely knew how to. She made me try it over and over again, fixing it till it was perfect. I remember how we all did yoga and danced. I remember taking dibs on toilet, the AWESOME food, boduberu, the many trips and everyone teasing me about so much stuff!

  • How I sang for everyone on more than a few occasions. On the karaoke nights, during the 'cultural' day, and many a night under the huts till we were shooed off to bed.

  • Learning to respect people, especially the Bangladeshi people in Maldives who are so mistreated, so degraded. Over and over again, I had the chance to think about how sorry a situation it was.

  • I learnt how in a democracy, we have to discipline ourselves enough to be able to accept the fact that if the majority of the people think along the same lines, I have to respect the decisions made according to them as long as my rights are preserved. EVEN THOUGH my opinions may differ.

  • I also learnt that I didn't need to have power, in order to make a change. There are certain things which I can do as an individual, or in a small group to make things better. Even the simplest thing we do, could turn the world around. And this we know, from the many inspirational people around the world.

  • From all the very inspiring lecturers we had, someone who inspired me very much was the judge from high court in Maldives Shujoon, who was the first judge in Maldives. She was so in control, so poised and I think is a great example for all the girls like me. Really, makes you wanna say, "Go,Woman!!!" :P

  • Our facilitators Falak, Shaam and Naaj were the best ever. We all loved them and they were all so helpful throught the whole program. And even though I had wailed and screamed so much at Shaam for shooing us off from the TV at lights out time, I think the three of them did everything so perfectly.

  • The program has changed the way I thought about SO MUCH stuff, that its difficult to point out everything. However, I will always remember the stuff I learnt and would always be thankful to Democracy House and Mr. Dean for giving me the best three weeks of my life.

  • Throughout the program, Sal and Naafi were two people who pushed us always, to excel and do our best. And for this, I'd always be thankful to both of them.

  • Sal has been the most inspiring person I met throughout it all. People like her, they make me want to be a better person. Moreover, she is hope. For me, and for many young people out there.. because she is proof that there ARE adults who listen to young people. People who think that what we say and think, matter. And these, are only few of the many reasons why I think she'd be the best mentor I could ever have.

So.. How is Colombo treating me?

Oh my, this has turned out to be one LONG post. About Lanka, I think that would be another update. I have still not adjusted well and my laptop is arriving in a few weeks, so I guess I'd be updating regularly from then onwards. Till then, adios :)


Cheeky Sylph said...

I'm impressed that being a young person you have expressed such mature views, and I'm glad that you are learning from your experiences. Few sadly do. Both Shuaib and Sal are friends of mine, and I'm pleased they were able to impact your life in positive ways and helped you grow. Keep in touch with your teachers, life's teachers, and they will guide you. Good luck settling in Colombo!

Shaha said...

It was great meeting you, and being roommates,and yes we learned so many things at YLP and made many great friends.
True that Sal is a very inspiring woman and we all hope to be like her one day.
Hope everything's going great. miss you!

Shaayan said...

@Cheeky slyph: Thank you, very motivating words :D

@Shaha: MISS YOU TOO! <3

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