Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The weird post..!

"Mama, can I reach the stars?"
"No honey, you can't reach them.. They are far too high for you"

"But mama, will it be a happy place?"
"Oh yes my sweet little girl. Its gonna be a very, very happy place"

"Okay.. I wanna reach the stars. I wanna be happy"
"How many time did mama tell you, you CANT reach them!"

"I'll try. your girl would reach for the stars mama... you might find me back with the moon. It would be a very very happy time"


god said...

Oh girl, did you not know, you are the star!

by the way, i am a guy, just thought thats what every mom would say ;)

Shaayan said...

ehehe.. Maybe.. :P i dont have any idea what this is supposed to be! it aint a poem, a story, anything :S thanks anyway

DarkCasanova said...

what can i say..stars can be reached too..juz need the right dream,hope and work to do so :)

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