Wednesday, August 26, 2009

20 random facts

I now.. long time no post.. Im being a lazy blogger :p I've been up and around.. just had my birthday, which was.. normal for a birthday! Gonna post about it soon I guess.. I was tagged by shaha. thanks for the tag baibe, you're great. So.. here goes! :D

1. I hate the color pink!!

2. I collect all weird stuff- as in stones.. (yeah)

3. I wish I had more control over my temper

4. I hate sms lingo

5. I could be paranoid, often.

6. I call my mom MJ, and my grandma is about disinherit me..

7. I wear loads of black

8. giggly people annoy me :|

9. I am obsessed with shoes, though I keep walking around in one..

10. umm.. I secretly think about stupid things.. like the sea at night and stars and.. (yes i might be NUTS.) pah

11. I love the rain

12. When I am among people who makes me feel timid, I laugh a lot, and act so-not-me.

13. I believe that I'm a brain, and that you all are brains and that we dont exist materialistically.. yes :|

14. I love Ralph Lauren

15. 2008 was the best year I ever had.. it was awesome (:

16. I love music

17. And I used to sing too..

18. Im obsessed with gel, crystal, ot transparent things.. All my cosmetics are gel too.. even the toothpaste :/

19. I have a lot of friends.. meaning a LOT.. and most of them close.. but I prefer to stay alone often..

20. little little things make me happy.. like a call from MJ.. seeing a friend.. going to school.. o_O

Oookay... over with it! I tag belle, skarlit and risa!

PS. The pic has nothing to do with this post and I have no idea as to why I uploaded it


Shaha said...

wow.. great facts..I too adore Ralph Lauren!

isra said...

your grandmas about to disinherit you? lol

kaiza shozey said...

hehehe. some of these stuff are pretty interesting.

The Shadowrunner said...

1. I love the color red.

2. I collect guns.

3. I am manic depressive.

4. I never use SMS lingo.

5. I am extremely paranoid.

6. My mother believes that MJ is a muslim, and I'm laughing.

7. I wear stealth camouflage.

8. The masses disturb me.

9. I am obsessed with my gun collection.

10. I think of the stupidest things. "I shot the gun high up. Hope no one gets hurt!"

11. I LOVE the rain. Stealth camouflage becomes VERY effective in the rain.

12. I lever show my true face.

13. I believe that the lot of you are pixels in a video game.

14. I love me.

15. 1984 was a horrible year - thats when I first came in here.

16. I love internets music

17. I have a HORRIBLE singing voice.

18. I'm obsessed with poisons and toxins.

19. I have few friends, and even fewer know my true name.

20. Grandiose things make me happy.

PS: I have no idea why I just typed this.

shaayan said...

hahaha! that was hilarious! :p you just made my day, dude.. thanks

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