Saturday, May 9, 2009

To sufa :)

heyyyy friends (: I've beeeeeen up and about, with nothing much to do.. Hope you people are rocking on, as usual!

I've been writing those poems, and a friend asked me.. 'what would you write if you ever write about me?' And since shes a great friend, i just wrote out a lil something for her... Sheesh! I know how annoying i can be.. Through it all, she has been the sweetest ever! o_O So along with all the worries in the world for all I've been, this goes to Sufany Nizar =D (I know its I!! whatever!)

BesTesT FriEnd!

At times of deep sorrow,
Courage from you-I borrow
If ever, I have a smile to spare,
With you easily I share.
Yes , You are so far, the best of friends.

When I selfishly cry, anywhere-

Its your shoulder, always there.

Having seen me at my best and worst,

Its you, who stood by me at any cost.

And just that, makes you the very best of friends..

Ever so calm, ever so sweet, and always the best,

Thankyou for smiling when you should've cursed.

A sister, a friend, a mentor- all in one,

Thankyou for all you've been, all you've done..

For you shall always be the bestest friend ever!

P.S-Well well, call it gay, sweet corny, anything..! as if I care.. there it is, and here I am.. =P see you people sometime laaaater! *whistles awayyyy*


you know said...

beauuuutiiiifull...varah touchin;)

anjelica said...

love it... so meaningful... wish ull be frendz till eternity...

lilly said...

wooowww.. naaaiiiiceeee...
honestly.. hope u guys be frnds for eva nd eva nd eva nd eva... =] =]

The Shadowrunner said...

My kingdom! My kingdom, nuclear weapons arsenal and stash of energy drinks for a friend I can trust!.

Shaayan said...


@angelica, lily
Thankyou thankyou =P i hope so too :)

@The Shaddowrunner
thats your version eh? =P

Belle said...

=) warah warah waraaaaaaaaaah salhi

Anonymous said...

hey sweets.. its for me and i'm the last one to see it:S he he but your surprise-- i love it=P
now for sure you are getting the chocolate(6) ummwah!

ALY said...

Nice poem shayanthaa =] Keep all those coming and make Maya miss proud.

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