Thursday, May 14, 2009

'eau-de-awesome'.. right in the eye! owww, it hurts huh?

Hola, people! This time I'm here with a letter, for some very special people. This is in response to the amuuuuusing hate mails, spamming my inbox after I wrote my 'ex-ex-post', on sms lingo. Oh yes, the lovebirds on fb actually wrote me hate mails. but the hilarious part is.. they called my parents...!!! Sheesh, now things get outta hand. uh oh.. and yeah.. they blocked me on fb tooo.. Good riddance of extremely bad, rotting rubbish I'd say!! Anyway, here I go..

Hellowww loabiputtiexx,
I'm awwwwesome, as usual, and yeah, just recovering from the after-effects of your hate mails. I hope you have the worst stomach bug ever, along with a bad case of diarrhoea. Amen!

"It was none of your business, what ever comments I gave were on my
profile, to my profile picture"

In response to this, I'll have to say, it surely aint my effin business, but I tend to poke my nose into whatever I feel like. AND since your comments bugged me, I wrote about it. I dont regret writing it either, but i realy DO regret not posting your names, e-mails IDs and the fb link, in respect to your privacy!

Well' I knew you were always big in the comedy area, but you calling my PARENTS about a post in my effin blog o_O, now thats carrying humour to its highiest extent! It was a good laugh, which just made my bo-ooo-ooring holidays, colourful.. Thankyou, I hail you!

And I'd now like to inform you that this is the 21st century, and parents no longer care about their annoying teenage daughter's creepy blog. Atleast, my folks dont give a damn, whicxh is as cool as it gets! Annnnd I'm gleefully adding insult to injury, my mom thinks you've gone soft in the head! (Go MJ! I Love you)

And now, I shall laugh, and watch your faces screw up in hatred. :D Keep the mails cmong, they make my noons worthwhile.

I have officialy addded you to the list of the few people I hate. And YES, that does make your life dificult, trust me on this!

Thats it for now,

Bi bi, tgcxx, I salute your face with rotten eggs.

P.S> I wont remove the post, you can shoot my roof.

PPS> You may stop clapping for me now, as it disturbs my delicate ears :D


you know said...

i will try never to get included in ur hate list*faints* and yeah...go MJ!:p

Belle said...

hehe..The comentxx thing on fb was funny, but "they" complaining to ur mum and sending u mails are way hillarious..Haahhahha!! Now, this thing really made my day! Sheeesh!! ask them to grow up :) **Hides**

Anonymous said...

your post sux! keep your fukin nose in your own busines

Shaayan said...

@you know
yeah MJ rocks ;)

yeah, people... naive i guess

awww... did i touch a sore point? =P

Mary said...

My my!! this post is kooool.
@ Anonymous : watch ur mouth =D

this blog sucks said...

kywwetha myhuna beheny? kurane kan hus wy tha?

Shaha said...

I guess ive missed the best part.. Its so much fun, when life gets in a drama, right? Im so glad u had the courage to write back, you rock, as always.. =]

fuck this said...


"hehe..The comentxx thing on fb was funny, but "they" complaining to ur mum and sending u mails are way hillarious..Haahhahha!! Now, this thing really made my day! Sheeesh!! ask them to grow up :) **Hides**"

I dont c watz funny here. you shud grow up, cuz this post sux, as itz very rude and without fylings at al.

Anonymous said...

lol. the "they" keeep trying.. why dont u call ministry of gender and famnily.. or prbbly complain to human rights commission.. keke.. shaayan rocks.. ::D

your blog ROCKS said...

cool post...nd yeah u r awesome:):)

Shaayan said...

*whistles* woah.. chill people..
@ mary
thanks :)

oh yes, glad to see you back here.. thankyou :D

oh wow..yeah im on holiday and pretty much bored. might be the annoying results of that.. sigh

haha! good one! =P thankyou thankyou

Anonymous said...

i hate people who try to be oversmart. your post is rude.

Shaayan said...

yeah if you havent already noticed... IM RUDE! duh

Shaayan said...

oh annnd i cant hel adding this... GO complain to mommy. 'shes rude'. *eye roll*

Anonymous said...

why cant you respect ppl? they r islamic borthrs n sisters.. hav sme respect. this is v disprved in our religion. i strngly recomnd every1 here to stop reading this blog.
spread the peace islam has brought us.. we r the ppl who hav to lesen these hngs.. shame on these kinds of ppl

Anonymous said...

"PPS> You may stop clapping for me now, as it disturbs my delicate ears :D "

you think ur smater than everyone. and ur so ful of urself. u r a proud, gud for nothing

ALY said...

Post is fine, and peeps..say no to internet drama, this is internet for Gods sake. Whining wont do you any good. ;)

Mike Abraham said...

obi.. i was laughin like hell.. :) i enjoyed reading this.. next time why dont u think of sharing that fb link and blah blah so that we can giv him/hr some trbls and make our noon worthwhile

and hell ya... that one sucks big time.. tc dr

Belle said...

to whom-so-ever this may concern:

[/quote : I dont c watz funny here. you shud grow up, cuz this post sux, as itz very rude and without fylings at al. ]

This post if fyne from my point of view. But,the point here is not me growing up, but the "grown-ups" not acting childish. I dont even know u.So mind leaving me alone?=) ..Shaayan is my friend, i love her blog, saw a "kool" post and comented on it. Now, a complete stranger has no rite to come and tell me what i should be doing. OKAY? i simply dont care =D..I havent even seen u.Internet therey kithamme warakah halhey levias mashah keeeeeeeh? lol
[NO OFFENSE] -I just stated my opinion =] -

[Advice to THEY : Stop visitng the blog, stop seeing shaayan's post..then u wont have to post RUDE comments]

Anonymous said...

haha! now thats an awesome reply!..and whoever u are anonymous..if i wer u i wud be laughing my head just have GOT to get a sense of will get too boring.
besides its democracy man..everyone has a right to say anything:P:P so chill =) you really ARE over reacting!
loved your post shaayan! it rocks!!!


Prince'xxx' of Anoyyanx said...

believe me people, i have never seen so many types of people commenting on the same post! LOL..naive people who think you should remove this post..people who think this post has crossed the limits of Islam...AND cool people who have got a proper sense of humor..THIS POST WAS FUNNY ENOUGH....but those anonymous comments made my day..

shayantha your sense of humor rocks!..and if you remove this post becoz sm1 told MJ to tell you to do so...i might start to think you have gone soft in the head like sm ppl...bibi see ya later'xxxx'

Shaayan said...

thankyou people.. yeah even the cowards who cant reveal their identity
*Kookaburra Kookaburra sits on the old gum tree
Merry merry king of the bush is he
Laugh Kookaburra, laugh Kookaburra
Gay your life must be*
[does a merry dance]

The Shadowrunner said...

Welcome to the lovely world of hate mail!. Please, enjoy the all-you-can-laugh buffet!.


shaayan said...

lol yeah...amusing! :/

ѕкαяℓιт said...

Couldn't stop laughing. You go, girl.. =P

Muuthish said...

Why do I get the feeling that almost all the "anonymous" comments are posted by the same person?!

and omg! sheesh! complaining to le muzzer?! ewww cowards!

oh and way to go shaayan! cool-and-weird post *thumbs up* hehe i mean all about a bunch of xxx? xP

Shaayan said...

thanks, luv ya :D

uhh, cos it really IS one person? or i think two.. you know, the girl and her loabiputixx.. talk about cowards huh? they seem to be doing hard work here!

and thaaankyou! shoot the things that bug me, i guess =P

kaiza shozey said...

hmmm, dunno the details of what happend but i like the way ur handling it. cheers :) and yea, ppl dont give a damn even if u dont mention their names or respect atleast that privacy. keeh kuraanee. echcheh govaalaa gadi jehuneema they jes go right ahead.

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