Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bye-Ze-Bloody-Bye, Addu!

Ever had your neck stuck?
yeah, i DO mean stuck =|
if you're wondering, its horrible! worse than it sounds. my neck has been stuck ,
for a week now. iIn the strangest ever possible angle. And it sucks big time, cos people tend to stare.. 'ohh yeah.. there is the weirdo, and why is she looking like a forty year old wax statue?'
Shoot people

And my current mood? confused
Because I'm about to move, and now I'm not much sure of my decision.
Yeah, CHSE would be better than the school here.
But the thing is..
all my friends are here
my mom is here
and it is 'peaceful'
so I'm in this dilemma, but I guess its too late to change plans anyway!

And school starts on june 14th.
Am I nervous?
haha! Me? nervous?

YES way :|
Im nervous about moving, starting a new school, and most of all..
new friends.
But I guess this is for the better, and it'll grow up on me! Im kinda excited too, you know.. Lets hope that this was the right decision anyway :|

Well, thats it for now..
see yuh peeps!


Belle said...

=| m gonna miss you..I hope u study well..**sigh**
err..I hate to let you go =(

lilly said...

ohhh dear..
juss face it..
sumtimes u hav to leave a lot to gain new and more... x] x]
soo go for it.. and gud luckkk..

and dunt forget..
get new frnds but never frget the old ones... =)

ѕкαяℓιт said...

Don't worry..You're gonna be just fine..
and Good luck =]
Dhaanan ingey udhangu kuran Male' gossa =P Hehe..
Love uuu.. =D

Masudh said...

Don't worry, You'll be ok.
Life is always like that.

Make new friends but keep the old
One is silver and the other is gold!!!

Anonymous said...

borin borin CHSE ah vannany dho. Nyway hope u study well n get gud results :D

Btw ur gonna do science or buss?

Shaayan said...

yeah i'll miss you too :|

thanks for the advice, I'll try to keep that in mind :D

yeah dear you're always welcome :p

Love you too

Thanks.. hola, new friends... you're treasured, oldies :p

thank you thank you!

and its science

SELF!SH G!RL said...

Im sure ur gonna do great! juz do put a huge amount of effort!! not to scare u but CHSE is a place where u need to do most of ur work and studies by urself! good luck!!

The Shadowrunner said...

CHSE, huh?. Ah, the sweet memories of war doth drench that place.

Anonymous said...

itzzz better tht ur leavinn. a relief to the teacherz n managmnt of Muhibudin skewl. every1 wil be thankful. the suprvisrs room wil be desertd.
goin around n acting like a gangstr, as if it makes u a big hotshot. thnkgod ur leavin. poor chse.
n dnt even try to get who i am..

Shaayan said...

@selfish girl
thanks for the warning, i'll try ;)

@the shadowrunner
I can just imagine.. :P

dude o_O

chill, i wont try to guess who you are.. got better things to do with my time. and anyway, Id rather watch furniture if i get bored my some miracle

Yaamyn said...

Can't help but say that your blog looks like a Myspace profile page.

cyah said...

shyaan ur poems are as cute as youuuu hehehehee i just read it and felt so owesome
cyah around tc byeee

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