Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Look Who's Back...!!

I'm BACK, after ONE YEAR! Even if I say 'long,time eh?' that just wouldn't do..

So.. What was I up to, during the past one year?

Well, its was yet, the best year of my life. I grew up in many ways, met so much people I adore, finished high school and fell in love. Yep, pretty much, a HECTIC year.

I have so much to share, so much new people who mean the world to me now.. And a lot has happened in life.

These days, I've got so much free time in my hands and I wanted to start on with my blog again, this time much more regular. To make up, I promise to give my blog a makeover which it badly needs, post LOADS of pictures about me, my life and the beautiful moments I've spent the past year.

For starters, here's a pic of me with the freaks, some of the most loved people in my life. I'll upload more details and pics laaater! One guy (cyah) is missing but then again, he always is! I cherish you all, so very much. You guys have made my life beautiful!

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