Sunday, June 6, 2010

Closed My Eyes And I Wish I Wish...

>That rainy days and the woods look as inviting and beautiful as they do in those animations. I wouldn't have minded being a tree hugger or a mountain nymph, it it was that way! :p

> You never get fat, no matter how much chocolate or cheese you eat

>for a million shoes

> and more earrings <3

> that my feet were smaller, so that I look less a penguin and more a lady

> That I don't have eye problems

> That 2008 had gone on forever


Anonymous said...

OMg. after reading this, I realized I wish the same wishes too, except the 2008 one. hehe

The Shadowrunner said...

Go to the Sea of Trees. Therein, thou shalth complete thine quest.

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