Friday, August 12, 2011

..For The Wet Blankets!!

I just showed some beautiful pictures to a friend and all she could do was, to my disappointment, point out every single negative thing about them! This reminded me of similar incidents that has happened sometime back. The other day, I saw a TV show about fashion designing and the guy up there had done wonders with various materials. He has done an amazing job and I showed it to the person I met first. Then comes some snickering and the snide remark about how the guy looked unbelievably gay!
At school, we did a fair and it was quite successful. Some people didn't like the prices, some people didn't like the stage items, some managed to find the security ridiculous.
I tried to do some presenting because for me, it was fun and I loved it. Oh no, people found it 'wayyyyyyy uncool'.
SERIOUSLY! What's wrong with people?
I mean, of course it aint necessary that you LIKE all the stuff. There are things i hate too, AND I'm not the 'always happy and positive and sunshine' kinda person either. But there are SOME people who make me think that they have absolutely NOTHING good to talk about. No, its always a complain, a snide remark, or worse, some backbiting. Why make worse outta a bad situation? Sigh.
..Then again, I guess this comes as one of the many things I might never understand about our society.

So... What's new with me?
  • I'm in Addu for sometime and I'm bored.
  • I have started ignoring my phone. It's been three days since I last used it. Yeah, that's right, three days!
  • I haven't done any shopping in a long time and I miss it. In fact, I'd go crazy if I have to go on like this for another week.
  • It's Ramazan, the fasting time.
  • I've been working on my birthday wish list, which looks outrageous this year :P (will be back with it later!)
And in the mean time.. see this adorable cake the Freaks made for me at my farewell? Isn't it the cutest thing on earth? :P For me, it SURE IS, the sweetest cake I've ever had :)

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maani said...

hmmm...interesting, woman! :P

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