Friday, July 27, 2012

Emmen ge dhattha

When I was a little kid, it was her loving hands that guided me. I remember how she would play with us and then sometimes, get angry too. 
After I started school, it was she who walked me even though she could barely walk steady on the rough streets. It was she who went to the countless extra classes with me, she who watched me every time I went anywhere, even if it was as far as next door.
When I played with my cousins, it was she who helped us find little things to play with. She would agree to almost anything we asked her for.
When I had to sleep alone and was frightened, it was she who spent a many sleepless nights telling me stories she has heard from here and there, trying to keep herself awake.
And as a teenager I remember being a little rebellious. It was her presence that brought any comfort to the long saturday noons and depressing evenings. I remember how she would do anything that made me happy- making little toys from coconut palm leaves, giving me trinkets she got found lying around, watching the road, how people and vehicles passed by.
After I moved away, it was she who kept a firm grip around anything and everything I owned. It was she who wouldn't let anybody, not even my own brother near any of my belongings, whether it be pretty shoes or just old pencils and books.

It was she, who longed most for every time I visited.
It was she, who was my comfort and ease, my guide and my parent.
It was she, who looked after me even though she didn't know how to.
It was she. who gave me most even though she owned the least.
It was she, who made me realize how much you could give to a person just by loving them.

Dear dhattha,
You are my aunt, a very good aunt but you have been so much more for me.
Behind those eyes that are wary, I see love. In your laughter, their is genuine happiness. Behind your anger and frustration, I recognize how you must have endured thrice as much of the misery I know. So many wrinkles mark your hands today not from working for yourself, but working endlessly for us.
I realize today how less of life you have seen. I wish we both live to see a day I could show you places, give you things you deserve, lighten your burden and make you happy, truly happy. I wish I could talk to you and tell you how much you mean to me. I love you so dearly and I wish you realize how wonderful a person you are. You are truly, emmenge dhattha, my dhattha.

Yours lovingly,


Anonymous said...

wow... amazing

Nadh said...

This is beautifully written, Shayaan :)

You have expressed your love for your dhaththaa in simple words. Job well done! :D

Shaayan said...

ohh, thannk you! ^_^

voodoo child said...

I'm just cutting onions over here.

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