Friday, July 27, 2012

updates, updates

hello blogosphere,

It's been very long since I was here in my very own little space, just ranting randomly. So that's what I plan to do in this post. 

  • First things first, its ramazan and the first time I can't go home for Ramazan. Can't say that my cravings are being satisfied by the vegetables and stuff being cooked here. So I have started fasting on cereals, Oreos and fruits. Trust me its NOT fun but I think I will survive as long as we have Kellogs in stock.
  • My birthday is like a month away and this is the first time I cant go home for that either. I haven't completed a wishlist yet, since I know I am away and it's going to suck either way.
  • I went to Malaysia recently, with my cousin sisters, The trip was a gift from our uncle and we had LOTS and LOTS of fun. The best part of the trip for me was getting to spend time with them after so long and of course, the shopping.

  • Look at what I discovered from Tifanny&Co. A charm bracelet!! I swear, Tiffany's make me want to scream.

  • I am again rebuilding the collection of shoes my mother secretly threw away when I moved here.
  • And the best update of all time, my boyfriend Nashwan visited me earlier this month, and it was the best of times we've ever spent together. Oh oh oh, and this time we also went shopping.The guy hates shopping but he tolerated it while I dragged him all over the place, looking for a dress. Such a sweetheart he is :)
  • I found a "Thitthimen Corn" near home. It's like a little bit of Male' and good memories in the form of corn :P
Soooo, that would be all for now. I shall be back later, maybe with a birthday wishlist if I can find the energy to finish it. Till then, toodles!  ^_^

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