Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A plea.

So I came back to Male' for hols and met up with some of my YLP friends. The meeting went great except for this one discussion which shocked me utterly.
It started with the discussion about 15 year old girl who was flogged recently in Maldives. It went on to a horrifying story about how one of my friends was labelled as an infidel just for standing up for this girl in her Islam class... on to how a single father refused to shower his own baby and how some people pointedly keep posting stuff encouraging such things on fb. Today  my 6 year old cousin comes home from school and tells me to stop talking. I ask her why and she replies, "My teacher said naraka (hell) would have mostly women, because women talk too much nonsense. You shouldn't talk too much I'm scared you might go to hell." Seriously, from a SIX year old, I swear!

So respected teachers,  leaders,  politicians, dear parents... Before our kids are scarred for life, before they grow on to be women without courage or bravery  and men incapable of humility or humanity, before our society goes on to be worse than it is today.. Please, stop.

Stop telling little kids that women would go to hell if they talk.  Stop creating a monstrous image of people from other religions in their head, our religion tells us to respect them too. And please, for the love of god stop telling them to not laugh and not have fun, they are kids.. laughing and having fun is what they are supposed to do. Please stop calling people (your students included!) infidels, you do not have the right. Please stop creating fear, hatred and jealousy. We adults have enough of it already, those kids might be the only hope for this country. 

To you is your Religion and to me is mine. (Qur'an 109:06)
Don't judge others, just make sure you are a good person yourself. Live and let live. 


Anonymous said...

You should be an Islam teacher don't you think ? :) I am sorry that is a bad start. But listen, I am really happy u are a student of YLP. Creating leadership. But leadership is not all about voicing out what one think is wrong. It's about solving problems.

Although we might find this small community of us very homogeneous, we have so many differences and every person is different as u can see. Now when we live in these differences we need to solve problems through dialog. I think it is best to ask your cousins teacher about that and make her responsible. Why she is telling such things. It will be very helpful. I for one like to talk to different types of people and I find much common things in people than the few things that they voice out about. You will be amazed too.

I hope you understand. And about the Qura'an ayaath u wrote after "Besides". I believe that is said when one refers a muslim to a non muslim, not under the context of judging 1 muslim to another. :) Have a good day.

Shaayan Hussain said...

Oh I WAS an Islam teacher once, though it was part time. :) I'm sorry that wasn't a good start, let me try again.

I think I have learnt something about the differences in our community by now, since I lived with a homosexual 'cross-dresser', a Muslim priest and a teenager under the same roof and we learnt how to tolerate each other.
What I wanted to emphasize here was, why teach little kids to hate people or create fear?
Your comment(for the most part anyway) asks why I couldn't try and solve this problem instead of coming here and writing about this.
Well firstly, we did talk to the teacher. It didn't prove to be of much use but we even talked to the school. And this blog-space is where I write everything, starting from boring daily life stories to whatever I feel like talking about.

I haven't mentioned any names, offended anyone intentionally or even deprived anybody's privacy in writing this article.
So I am sorry if you were offended in anyway, that wasn't my intention. Also, I will keep on writing my views and opinions here because that's what we were taught to do. To voice our opinions. Who knows, maybe someone else read my silly little blog, understood what I was trying to say and actually changed her ways. You never know, right?
Voicing out what I think is wrong, might not solve anything but it is my right to do so.I hope you understand too.

And about the Qura'an ayaath I wrote after "Besides", thank you for the correction but I did talk about one referring a muslim to a non-muslim. (that too an Islam teacher to his student. Maybe I really WOULD make a better Islam teacher after all)
Have a nice day! :)

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